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Överlevarna - det tionde året (2016)

The 10th year

If you suddenly lose every single member of your family – how do you manage to live on? We meet four individuals who share an unthinkable tragic experience:  losing their loved ones in the 2004 tsunami. But they differ in their ways of coping with loss and grief.

In this obsevational documentary we meet the main characters in everyday life situations. Part of the filming was made in the first year after the tsunami.  However,  focus is on the 10th year after the disaster.

What does it take to continue to live – even though everything worth living for is gone?

It turns out that although the questions are the same, the answers are as different as the personalities in this film.  By sharing their experience and their thoughts on this complex issue, the main characters shed light on the road to recovery, thus making the film a powerful knowledge based tool and document.

Folke Rydén
Camilla Skagerström
Production Assistant:
Enno Ladwig
Bodil Markendal

Length: 2 x 58, and 79 min
Format: HD